About Kim Lockley

Hi I’m Kim Lockley

I was very lucky growing up to be surrounded by animals and pets including rabbits, mice, cats, calves, a horse and of course dogs. As a true animal lover, I knew I always wanted to work with animals in some way, even as a child.

Straight after finishing school at Otumoetai college, I went off to Waikato university, with the first dog of my own, a beagle named Ivy and studied Animal Behaviour under a Bachelor of Science. Straight out of Uni I went on to work with dogs. Over the years I have learnt so much through hands on experience with dogs in day care and grooming environments.

As any good dog groomer will tell you, you have to work your way from the bottom up, so I spent many a day’s washing and drying dogs, which quickly progressed to brushing, and finally being taught the ins and outs by several different professional groomers in a hands on manner. A day up-skilling with a NZ master groomer and hundreds of grooms later, here I am. I pride myself in communicating with the owners to get an understanding of the desired outcome of a groom.

In between these things I also achieved some personal goals like becoming a home owner, travelling, getting married and starting a family with my husband Charles.

Working from a home based salon gives me the perfect balance of looking after my family and progressing my career as a dog groomer.

I have always loved dogs, combine that with my passion for the environment and you have an eco-friendly dog groomer.

Always striving to better myself I have made it my mission to reduce waste in every way possible, this is why your dogs hair doesn’t go into the landfill like, most salons through general rubbish collection but is composted in my very own back yard.

The grey water from washing dogs is collected and dispersed into my garden, as its biodegradable, earth friendly shampoo being used and the rainwater is collected off the roof of the salon for everyday use such as my sons paddling pool.

Next I am working on solar lights for the salon..always trying to improve at Beach Ready Grooms


I would love to be the one you trust to groom your fur baby

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Beach Ready Grooms, 24 Simpson Road

Papamoa Beach, Bay of Plenty