Can I stay and watch?

While you are welcomed into the salon upon pick up and drop off, most dogs are better behaved when their owners aren’t present, dogs get excited when owners speak or move around and tails wag, making grooming more difficult. I am able send updates during a groom unless there is a very special case I recommend popping back at the end of the groom.

How long will the groom take?

Every dog is different depending on how much hair they have, their size, behaviour and the sophistication of the groom. Most small dogs can be completed in one and half hours, though I usually like to have 2 hours to prefect the groom and not rush the finer details. I can always contact you as soon as the dog is finished, or let your dog play in my fenced yard with my dog.

What does a groom involve?

The service I provide includes greeting the client and discussing the grooming style desired. A warm and gently bath followed by a towel dry, then a blow dry.  The dog is then ‘fluff dried’ whilst being brushed free of all knots and the nails are clipped. The fur on the dogs body is usually trimmed with clippers and the legs, head, face and tail are hand scissored.

If you require an extra service such as ear plucking or anal gland expression, please let me know upon drop off.

Can you accommodate my elderly/blind/deaf separation anxiety dog?

Yes, in most cases I am able to work with a dog needing special circumstances, whether its a gentle touch, giving the dog breaks, grooming the dog while it lies down and avoiding the use of noisy equipment. I treat all dogs very gently but make sure these dogs get lots of calming and reassuring verbal cues and take things nice and slowly for them.


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